Christofer Bjurström

Piano player, composer and improviser, Christofer Bjurström, a Swedish living in Bretagne in France, follows his own musical path, between melodic lyricism, intimism, bursts of violence and irony. He drives and refines his sensitive world by facing it, with eclecticism and curiosity, with improvised musics, as well as with traditionnal music, contemporary music, theater, litterature and movies.

Music in concerts

“Limpid and crystalline, the music sounds in a very peculiar way. You will find in it joy and poetry, appealing melodies and narrative developments.” (Olivier Acosta, Citizen Jazz)

Christofer Bjurström keeps patiently on constructing his musical world, in solo, duet, quartet (Ookpik) concerts. Year 2016 is a fundamental step in this path with the creation of his duet with the outstanding and wonderful celloist Agnès Vesterman ; lyricism, breaks, softness, time suspended….

He is also pianist in the Nautilis Ensemble, an orchestra of creators with multiple projects and meetings:

Live Music on Silent Movies

Fasinated since more than twenty years by the relationship between music and the movies, Christofer Bjurström has composed and plays music for about forty silent movies (one or two new feature film per year). In 2015, the new creations were directed both to an adult audience and to a very young audience :

  • «Ciné-concert Blackmail » de Hitchcock, (C. Bjurström – piano, F. B. Briet – double bass) : Suspense and tenseness….. Hitchcock…
  • « Ciné-Concert Inuit pour petites chouettes », for very young children (age from 2 years) A musical and image immersion in the inuit world, different and cheerful. A light and playful music, 3 canadian short films for the younger children, one musician and a story_teller/singer.



    Coproducted with Pascal Guin and the “Théâtre Bleu”, Christofer Bjurström has created a theater performance which mixes theater ( a splendid text by swiss author C.F. Ramuz), live music and visual arts (a creation by Yann Nguema) about the overwhelming beauty of the last days of this world.

In the Young Audience Company MARMOUZIC

With Catherine Le Flochmoan, Christofer Bjurström manages the young audience company Marmouzic and signs the musical scores of the company.
The latest creation (2015) made by the Marmouzic Company, « OKALIK, le grand chasseur inuit », takes the young audience to a poetical travel in the inuit far north.