About Coopérative Artistique 109

Coopérative artistique 109 (109 Artistic Cooperative, formerly “coopérative artistique Marmouzic”(*)) is an association (acc. to french law 1901) grouping several artistis or artistic groups or teams (companies, collective groups..) for a common way of managing their different projects, with common ethic values. It was created by artists to serve the idea of a diversified and professionnal artistic creation, open to everyone and for a large audience.

The aim of the artistic cooperative can be summarized with three points :

-­ support each one of the associated artists in the globality of their creative practice and, on a longer term, on developping their own artistic projects

– develop creation and artistic experiences together with promoting existing shows and concerts

-­ bring experience and skill to the artists of the Cooperative and also in direction of the cultural network (public politics, professionnal world….), be a structuring link in the professionnal chain in social and politic reflexions concerned with citizenship .

The managing team of Coopérative Artistique 109

Bénédicte ABELARD

General Coordination and Production ­

Delphine SEÏTE

General tour and venues management, communication and mediation

N.B. (*): Inside the “Coopérative Artistique 109”, Marmouzic becomes “Compagnie Marmouzic” for the young audience shows designed by Catherine Le Flochmoan and Christofer Bjurström.